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When you want to take your cycling to the next level, a proper bike fit is essential. A better position on your bike will make your riding more comfortable, efficient, powerful and let you ride for longer.

The Vires Velo bike fit studio is the state of the art. It’s built around the revolutionary idmatch system which is powered by the most scientific and data-driven analysis tools ever applied to bike fitting. Our service is open to everyone with the goal of improving your time on the bike.

A professional bike fit can help improve your comfort and performance on your bike. Whether you are a novice, seasoned pro or anywhere inbetween, the benefits of having a properly fitting bike cannot be overstated.

At our studio in Norfolk, our bike fitting experts are here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be, and our services are designed to help you get the most from your time on the bike.

We typically help cyclists of all levels who want to:

  • Optimise their position and fit on a current bike to maximise comfort and performance.
  • Purchase a new bike and want to find the right geometry and set up before committing.
  • Address issues with injuries or injury prevention and give you confidence in your riding position.

Price: £300

Contact our team to find out more by emailing or call us on 01953 687330.


We offer one comprehensive bike fitting package to ensure everyone leaves with the best result possible. No corners cut, no compromise on the service or output. Enjoy the complete experience in our private studio where your goals become ours.

What’s included

Your bike fit at Vires Velo takes place at our Experience Centre in Norfolk and usually lasts 2 hours. Our fitting team will first sit down with you over a coffee to discuss your current riding style and your goals to ensure you get the most from your session. Your fit will then begin and include:

  • Foot Control Assessment to understand if you will benefit from any adjustments or orthotics in your cycling shoes
  • Cleat Positioning Assessment including set up and any necessary adjustments
  • Saddle Shape & Size Assessment including any recommendations for improvement
  • Complete Dynamic Bike Fit where we analyse your biomechanics on different positions while you cycle using our advanced 3D-motion capture system
  • Post-Fit Report: You will leave with a bespoke report which outlines all of the findings from the session. This actionable data can be used to make adjustments to your current bike or used to help inform the purchase of a new one.

Complete Bike Fit Price: £300


The first analysis system without the use of markers. The software independently recognises joint junction points, determining angles of movement and angular velocities. The analysis produces a real-time self-adjustment of the simulator setting.

3D Scanning

The three-dimensional total body scan improves acquisition accuracy and allows movements to be evaluated in all three working planes. The software autonomously recognises the joint points and determines the length of the body segments.


The direct connection between the software and the Smart Bike allows the system to change the setting independently during the test. idmatch BikeLab is the world's first scientific system for automatic scanning and self-adaptation of the position. A database with more than 300 brands and 10,000 products allows an accurate choice of the ideal frame and accessories.


The system includes laser foot measurement, to inform accurate cleat position, and the Tiltmeter tool which analyses the attitude (pronation or supination) of the forefoot under load, as when pedalling, to see if cleat wedges are required. Finally, the Cleat Fit tool laser-aligns the cleats into their correct placement. This tool is accessible in many shops around the world and your cleat data is stored centrally in the idmatch system, so when you change your shoes or cleats, a shop can access your data and use their Cleat Fit tool to fit them perfectly.

When your fit is complete, the result can be cross-referenced against an incredible database of bikes. idmatch holds all the geometry data for every size of every model from a huge number of brands. It can suggest to you the bikes that will fit you best or judge how well you would suit that bike on which you’ve set your heart. If your dream bike isn’t quite right, it will tell you what changes need to be made to it, such as a different bar and stem.

Our bike fitter is a sports scientist and physiologist, so we are combining the data from idmatch with his human assessment of the rider. This ensures that any biomechanical issues are revealed and a plan can be made to address them, noting how that might lead your riding position to evolve in the future.


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