Black Inc is a performance driven company making top-end wheels and components. The passion for engineering that powers the team means that only the best materials are used, including CeramicSpeed bearings as standard, and no compromises are accepted. Black Inc is a name that stands for ultimate quality.


Black Inc is a sister brand to Factor Bikes which is why the wheels and components are original equipment on every model, and also used by the professional teams and athletes riding Factor bikes.

Having top professional riders such as Chris Froome giving feedback is the ultimate test and validation of the products. It has also driven Black Inc to quickly complete a wheel range that covers every possible requirement and delivers leading aerodynamics in every category.

The close relationship with Factor Bikes means that, almost uniquely in the industry, Black Inc owns its factory. This brings a great many benefits. Most importantly to the customer, it enables cost savings to be passed on, making Black Inc products exceptional value for their leading performance. The advantages go way further, though.


The talented in-house design and engineering team use advanced digital tools to design, assess and iterate new products.

These tools include: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), a virtual wind tunnel; Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to study load paths, strength and stiffness; and rapid prototyping. Owning the factory, complete with its own test lab, enables the team to produce more prototype iterations, refining performance each time, and to do so faster. By comparison, the limitations of outsourced manufacturing mean that many brands actually produce no physical prototype iterations at all, especially once a mould has been cut.

True to the name, Black Inc products share a low-key style which means they look fantastic on any bike. You will really feel the difference, too. While the discreet aesthetics speak softly, the performance carries a big stick.


If you have any questions about Black Inc wheels or component, contact our team now.