We help you realise your cycling dreams, whether they’re about race results, epic rides or feeling so at one with your bike that you can ride all day in comfort. As the exclusive UK Partner for Factor Bikes it is our mission to combine unrivalled performance and advanced engineering with a first-class experience throughout your journey.


At Vires Velo we help you find the perfect bike and fit to elevate your riding and unlock the possibilities of where your bike can take you. Simply, you didn't know cycling could be this good.


Exclusive UK Partner of Factor Bikes

Vires Velo is the exclusive partner for Factor Bikes in the UK and the complete range can be ordered online or by visiting the showroom at our Experience Centre.

Custom Built For You

All bikes ordered through Vires Velo are custom built to spec as standard. Work with our team to create your dream build spec now.


Advanced Bike Fit Studio

The Vires Velo bike fit studio is the state of the art. It’s built around the revolutionary idmatch system which is powered by the most scientific and data-driven analysis tools ever applied to bike fitting.

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Factor Bikes

Factor Bikes is a manufacturer of ultra-performance carbon fibre bicycles. Everything you need to know about the company can be boiled down to two words: High standards.

Vires Velo is the official and exclusive retailer for Factor in the UK.


Take a look at a selection of the latest Factor bike builds to roll through the Vires Velo workshop

Advanced bike fitting

We use the idmatch bike fitting system to offer world-class fits. The fitting studio is open to anyone wanting to get a proper bike fit as well as Factor customers.