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When you order your bike through Vires Velo, our mission is to deliver you a first-class journey. Find your perfect position, design your ideal specification, measure your fitness and leave ready to take your cycling to new levels.

Factor Bikes is a manufacturer of ultra-performance carbon fibre bicycles. Available exclusively in the UK through Vires Velo. Shop online and configure your dream bike with us now.




When the most important aspect of performance is everything – aero, lightness, comfort, handling – the OSTRO is the answer.

Black Inc is a performance driven company making top-end wheels and components. The passion for engineering that powers the team means that only the best materials are used and no compromises are accepted. Available exclusively in the UK through Vires Velo.


Your wheels are, and always have been, one of the most effective upgrades you can make to your bike, whether you’re chasing lighter weight or increased aerodynamics. Shop online now:

Black Inc Bartape

Offering exceptional grip and cushioning, the Black Inc Bar Tape provides rider’s hands with a sensory pleasure. Tactile and tacky, Black Inc Bar Tape is made from Polyurethane material that has been worked to provide a textured grippy outside that will feel soft and comfortable when riding barehanded. The texture ensures excellent grip even in rainy or very cold riding conditions, but will not be so sticky as to impede rapid hand position changes, from tops, to hoods, to drops and back again. The special MicroGel backing offers an essential level of shock and vibration absorption without adding thickness. It’s absorbent enough for bare hands, and at 2.8mm thick, thin enough to work equally well with padded gloves. The minimal branding provided by the debossed graphics and the custom aluminium bar ends enhance the elegance of the effect. At 2000mm long and 30mm wide, the Black Inc Bar Tape offers exceptional coverage for all Black Inc handlebars, as well as any traditionally shaped third-party road and gravel handlebars.


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