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When you order your bike through Vires Velo, our mission is to deliver you a first-class journey. Find your perfect position, design your ideal specification, measure your fitness and leave ready to take your cycling to new levels.

Factor Bikes is a manufacturer of ultra-performance carbon fibre bicycles. Available exclusively in the UK through Vires Velo. Shop online and configure your dream bike with us now.




When the most important aspect of performance is everything – aero, lightness, comfort, handling – the OSTRO is the answer.

Black Inc is a performance driven company making top-end wheels and components. The passion for engineering that powers the team means that only the best materials are used and no compromises are accepted. Available exclusively in the UK through Vires Velo.


Your wheels are, and always have been, one of the most effective upgrades you can make to your bike, whether you’re chasing lighter weight or increased aerodynamics. Shop online now:

Vires Velo Gift Voucher

When you don't know what to get the discerning cyclist in your life, our gift voucher is the answer. We've listed vouchers with relative product guide prices for everything from a handlebar to a complete bike so you can buy them the gift they want without having to choose for them!



Gift Vouchers

How it works

Order a gift voucher for one of the specified amounts and you will receive a PDF gift certificate which can be redeemed with Vires Velo.

Voucher can be redeemed against all Vires Velo products and services for the specified value. For example, if the Integrated Barstem voucher is purchased, the recipient can choose their ideal size from the options available.

The recipient of the voucher can use the voucher code to purchase online, in-person or over the telephone.

Prices listed for products are guide prices and are subject to change. Vouchers must be used within 12 months of purchase.

If you would like a voucher for an amount not listed here, please contact our team now at sales@viresvelo.com to arrange.