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idmatch Bike Fit Gift Voucher

Give the gift of a better fitting bike this Christmas with a voucher for an advanced idmatch bike fit at the Vires Velo Experience Centre.


Bike Fit Gift Vouchers

How it works

Order a gift voucher for an idmatch bike fit at Vires Velo and receive a PDF gift certificate which can be redeemed with Vires Velo.

The recipient can use our online calendar to book a date and time to suite them for the bike fit using a unique voucher code.

Voucher is for our complete bike fit package which takes 2 hours.

The fit will be conducted at the Vires Velo Experience Centre in Hethel, Norfolk.

Vouchers must be used within 12 months of purchase.

If you have any questions please contact our team now at

Complete Bike Fit Package

We offer one comprehensive bike fitting package to ensure everyone leaves with the best result possible.

What’s included

Your bike fit at Vires Velo takes place at our Experience Centre in Norfolk and usually lasts 2 hours. Our fitting team will first sit down with you over a coffee to discuss your current riding style and your goals to ensure you get the most from your session. Your fit will then begin and include:

  • Foot Control Assessment to understand if you will benefit from any adjustments or orthotics in your cycling shoes
  • Cleat Positioning Assessment including set up and any necessary adjustments
  • Saddle Shape & Size Assessment including any recommendations for improvement
  • Complete Dynamic Bike Fit where we analyse your biomechanics on different positions while you cycle using our advanced 3D-motion capture system
  • Post-Fit Report: You will leave with a bespoke report which outlines all of the findings from the session. This actionable data can be used to make adjustments to your current bike or used to help inform the purchase of a new one.

Complete Bike Fit Price: £240