22 September 2023 | Build Gallery

Ed Laverack’s New Factor O2 VAM

A Winning Combination

When Factor announced their next bike would be an aero climbing bike, it didn’t take us long to think of a suitable test pilot. Ed Laverack is an ex-pro who currently spends his time training hard and riding his bike very fast uphill around the UK and Europe.

He documents his endevours on his YouTube and social media channels. It’s the second year we have supported Ed following a successful first year where he rode the original Factor O2 VAM on some BIG days out (see Sa Colabra KOM).

Factor’s new O2 VAM has been hailed the ‘world’s fastest climbing bike’. A featherweight masterpiece that has been optimised for aero thanks to clever development to the tube profiles of the bike. In Factor’s own words: “nothing else this light is as fast, nothing this fast is as light.”

The new O2 VAM is the perfect tool for Ed. It goes without saying that a lightweight bike is essential when tackling the British Hill Climbing season and at 6.3kg in a standard configuration with pedals, it ticks this box. However, there’s more to Ed’s riding than just hill climbs and the O2 VAM represents a complete package to help him achieve his ambitious goals. Whether that’s training rides around his local hills in Wales or tackling some of the biggest mountain sportive challenges in Europe, Ed needs a bike that will descend with precision and get him to the start of the next climb as fast and with as little effort as possible.

Paired with the new bike is a fresh set of wheels from Black Inc. The 28//33 wheelset were developed alongside the O2 VAM and weigh a feathery 1,146 grams. They feature differentiated front and rear depths of 28 and 33mm, measure 23mm internally and 28mm externally, and use exceptionally light and strong carbon fibre spokes. As well as a substantial weight saving, they greatly boost stiffness, and therefore responsiveness and acceleration.

New Bike Day

Ed’s been riding the new O2 VAM for a little while and has had plenty of opportunities to test it out on some challenging rides. His maiden voyage was in the Peak District over 100 of the hardest kilometres you can find in the UK. In his own words, here’s what Ed said of the new bike:

“This is a bike I could happily ride for the rest of time. I believe I am one of the lucky few to have ridden the previous model and the new O2 VAM, and it didn’t take me long to feel at home on this bike (as I’m sure many Factor owners can relate). Obvious weight savings, updated aerodynamic improvements and new wheelset aside, this bike feels good. To me, riding your bike should never be a chore and having a bike that makes you want to ride every day is the perfect motivation.

I initially took the steed out on a very flat 60 km ride around Norfolk and noticed the enhanced cruising speed; rolling along at 200 watts felt far faster than it should have. Two days later, I was thrashing it up the steep climbs of the Peak District as part of the Band of Climbers Hardest 100. The stiffness and strength were clearly there, despite visible changes to the frame geometry and tubes, and the overall weight reduction. Even after 5 hours of riding and 3,100 metres of climbing, it was clear that no sacrifices had been made, ensuring that speed, strength, handling and comfort were maintained and even improved. I felt that the bike adapted to the varying terrain well, leaving me feeling less fatigued after all the ups and downs.”

Ed’s currently in the middle of his preparations for the British Hill Climbing Championship which takes place on The Struggle climb. He’s picked up a few wins already and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do!

Follow Ed’s adventures on his YouTube channel now.

Build Spec

  • Factor O2 VAM Size 54 – Storm Grey Edition
  • Black Inc 28 // 33 Wheels
  • Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9270
  • Black Inc Integrated Barstem
  • Selle Italia Tekno SLR Boost
  • Continental GP5000 TT
  • Tubulito Tubes
  • Black Inc Bottle Cages
  • Weight: 6.3kg with pedals
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