End-of-Season Shake Down

You’ve put the hard work in on the road this year, let’s review your progress and put a plan in place to help supercharge your Winter training. Book your two-part End-of-Season Shakedown at our Physiology Studio now and you'll get the second session free.

Assess your end-of-season fitness and put a solid plan together to maximise your Winter training efforts. Our team will run through a series of physiological assessments to analyse your current fitness and give you an accurate breakdown of your training zones. This will help you make the most of your time spent on the turbo in the colder months so you can come out swinging again next season.

Your assessment will take place over two sessions, one to establish your end of season baseline and then a follow up to track progress and set your new zones based on your winter training outcomes.

These sessions will include:

  • Initial Fact-Finding Consultation
  • Resting Measures
  • VO₂ max or Sub-max Test (Depending on requirements)
  • Body Composition
  • Follow-Up Report

You’re only up against yourself, your goals are your own and we’re on hand to help you reach them.

Limited time price: £360 for two 3-hour sessions (Usually £720)

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Is it for me?

This assessment is ideal for anyone planning to train over winter

If you’re training online using an estimated FTP or similar this is an ideal assessment to help give you clarity. We’ll give you an in-depth insight into your individual training zones and intensities based on your own physiological data, not an algorithm. Our team will also help to cut through the data and explain how you can take the findings forward to maximise the time you spend training, indoors or out. Ultimately delivering better results for the training you do. Your time is precious and in today’s busy world, why waste time training with the wrong data?

Key takeaways:

  • Insight into your own physiological data
  • Understanding of how to train in your personally defined zones
  • Metabolic data to inform your diet and exercise moving forward
  • Connect your training with your physiological profile to move forward effectively
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Physiology Studio

You won't find white coats in our Physiology Studio.

Our studio has been designed to be a welcoming environment and a departure from a traditional lab setting. Enjoy a light refreshment, lust over some beautiful bikes and chat in comfort with our team before and after your session. We are here to help and want to make your experience with us as valuable and enjoyable as possible.

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There is no minimum fitness requirement. Our assessments are bespoke to the individuals and the results will be relevant to you only. The data is just a rich for someone who cycles a little to someone to cycles a lot.

Each session will last around 3 hours. There will be a total of two sessions, both to be booked at a time to suit you.

Make sure you eat something and are well hydrated for your session with us. Ideally try to avoid any fatiguing training sessions up to 48 hours before your session.

If you are ready to book, hit the button below to find a time slot that suits you. We will book your follow up session with you when you are here for your first session.

Exercise physiology assessments are for everyone who is looking to improve their health, fitness and sports performance. If you are unsure what package is best for you then get in touch with one of our team who will be able to talk you through the options so you get the most out of your time with us.

Make sure you bring your usual training clothes with you, which includes cycling shoes if you own them. Something to eat after your session and a water bottle is ideal. We have shower facilities on site so bring a towel if you want to have a shower after your session.

We don’t provide detailed training programmes or guidance during your session, however we can recommended coaches or training resources for this. The information you get will enable you to build an effective training programme if you don’t already work with a coach and we are on hand to set you on the right track with the results of the assessment.

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If you want to know more about the Physiology Studio before you book, feel free to contact our team now.