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Experience in-depth physiological assessments to help you understand your own body's responses to exercise. Find your baseline, analyse your current fitness and accurately determine your training zones to make smarter decisions about how to reach your goals. Delivered from our state-of-the-art studio where your goals become ours, for the outright amateur to the outrageously ambitious, discover our range of packages below.

Progression, Performance, Possibility

The Vires Velo Physiology Studio is a state-of-the-art facility for you to experience in-depth physiological assessments to enhance your exercise, fitness and general health. Using a combination of research-grade equipment and expertise from our Sports Scientists, you can take your cycling and exercise to the next level by unlocking powerful data, the likes of which you would usually find in a lab.

Your goals become our focus and we work closely with you to set testing protocols to measure the metrics that are important to helping you achieve them. We cut through the jargon to provide actionable insights into your own personal physiology to help improve your training and time spent exercising.

We believe that everybody, no matter their level of experience, can benefit from an informed approach to training and exercise. We invite professional and semi-professional athletes, committed amateurs and complete beginners to use the studio.

This is an experience and physiological assessment like no other.


The Studio Space

You won't find white coats in our Physiology Studio.

Our studio has been designed to be a welcoming environment and a departure from a traditional lab setting. Enjoy a light refreshment, lust over some beautiful bikes and chat in comfort with our team before and after your session. We are here to help and want to make your experience with us as valuable and enjoyable as possible.

You will find the studio in a private space within our Experience Centre in Norfolk.

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Research-Grade Equipment

Our Sports Scientists have a tool kit of advanced, research-grade equipment to conduct assessments and generate actionable reports and takeaways.

These include:

  • Spiroergometry system for cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • EMG Muscle Activation system
  • 3 Channel ECG
  • Bio Electrical Impedance System for body composition
  • Wattbike Atom X 
  • Medical grade equipment for taking basic resting measures and body measurements

The tools used are only part of the offering and the software behind these machines allows us to dive deep into the data and present it back in a manageable way. You won’t leave buried in numbers, our team will make sure you understand your own results and what actions you can take. 

Process & Outputs

Before you visit our team will gather some initial information from you to tailor your time with us to your own goals. Upon arrival, there will be an initial consultation to run through your session and what to expect.

Depending on the package you have chosen, we will then run the testing and measurement protocols. These will be tweaked depending on your own physiology and also what you hope to get out of the session. We may suggest a sub-max test or similar if we feel it is necessary.

Once your assessment is complete, our team will run through the initial findings with you before you leave. They will then crunch the numbers, interpret the data and follow up with a report which outlines as much or as little as you are interested to know. You’ll receive a copy of the report and on our Performance and Experience packages, you will get a follow-up call to run through the results. This is typically 1-2 weeks after the session, arranged at a time to suit you.

Our reports and results will typically be able to tell you:

  • Training zones based on your own specific physiology
  • Maximal oxygen uptake (VO₂ max)
  • Optimal exercise intensity for using fat as a fuel
  • Areas of your physiology you should target to achieve your training goals
  • If you have a specific assessment request or output you are looking for, we are happy to accommodate


We are able to offer packages for varying levels of fitness, whether you are just starting out on your exercise journey or are looking to maximise your performance.

You will be with us for around 2-3 hours in total. The length of time you will be exercising will depend on the assessment you choose to go with.

Make sure you eat something and are well hydrated for your session with us. Ideally try to avoid any fatiguing training sessions up to 48 hours before your session.

Exercise physiology assessments are for everyone who is looking to improve their health, fitness and sports performance. If you are unsure what package is best for you then get in touch with one of our team who will be able to talk you through the options so you get the most out of your time with us.

Make sure you bring your usual training clothes with you, which includes cycling shoes if you own them. Something to eat after your session and a water bottle is ideal. We have shower facilities on site so bring a towel if you want to have a shower after your session.

Our equipment and software is capable of a multitude of protocols and we are happy to work with you to create a package that helps you achieve your desired outputs. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements now.

We don’t provide detailed training programmes or guidance during your session, however we can recommended coaches or training resources for this. The information you get will enable you to build an effective training programme if you don’t already work with a coach and we are on hand to set you on the right track with the results of the assessment.

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