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2023 Factor Bikes Buyers Guide

We choose to work with Factor because every bike is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and ride quality, using the most advanced technology available. There are no compromises; if it says Factor on the downtube, it’s the very best it can be.

Each Factor model is designed to perform a specific role – some are specialists, others are all-rounders. Of course, there are overlaps between models and we know that many of you enjoy a wide range of riding. That’s why we have assembled this Buyer’s Guide to help you to choose the Factor that’s perfect for you.

To assist you with understanding the character of the bikes, each one is accompanied by several graphics to indicate the terrain and events to which it is best suited, its key qualities, and which other model you might consider. For example, while Factor might refer to the One as a dedicated aero road bike and the O2 VAM as a pure climbing bike, you will still have a blast on the One in the mountains and the O2 VAM is a great road race bike. 

And of course, if you have any further questions after reading, you can contact us by phone, email, or live chat and we will be happy to help out.


Factor call the OSTRO an ‘everything’ bike and we agree. It’s light, smooth and aero, so it’s ready for dream trips to the mountains or to the cobbled Classics, for long weekend rides or fast-paced chaingangs, and it especially loves to be raced.

It can take tyres up to 32mm, so it’s ready for Britain’s rougher tarmac. The pros love it because they never have to sacrifice aerodynamics for lightness or comfort. Everyone else loves the OSTRO because it can do the job of three bikes. Suddenly, N=1.

  • What type of riding: The OSTRO is made to fly on all terrain. It’s very nearly as aerodynamic as the ONE, as ultra-light as the O2 VAM, as smooth as the ViSTA, so you’re always on the right bike.
  • Who is it for: Riders who do some of everything and want top performance across the board, free from compromises
  • Best at: Doing everything
  • Also great at: Everything!
  • Sizes: 49,52,54,56,58,61
  • Raced by: Team Israel Premier Tech
  • Also consider: The O2 VAM or the ONE


The new O2 VAM is an aero climbing bike – nothing else this light is as fast, nothing this fast is as light.

Its smoothness, efficient power transfer, and sharp handling will deliver an exceptional experience, whether you’re riding in the Lake District, Cotswolds or on your dream holiday in Europe.

  • What type of riding:It’s the ultimate choice for riders seeking performance on big days in the mountains, whether you’re riding the Étape du Tour or the Tour de France.
  • Who is it for: Climbing focused road riding and racing, whether in the WorldTour or the Étape du Tour, and long rides where its comfort shines regardless of how hilly the route is
  • Best at: Mountainous and hilly terrain; long road rides
  • Also great at: Road and crit races
  • Sizes: 45,49,52,54,56,58,61
  • Also consider: The O2, Factor’s more affordable frameset
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Factor’s second-generation O2 is an outstanding all-rounder, building on the achievements of its predecessor, a bike so versatile that it scored podiums at both the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix.

The frame uses technology and geometry from the cutting-edge O2 VAM, with a revised carbon fibre lay-up for extra compliance. Its tyre clearance of 30mm is ideal for the UK’s less-than-smooth roads. However bold your ambitions, the O2 is ready to go there with you.

  • What type of riding: Everything on the road, from holidays in the mountains of Europe to long rides with friends on rolling terrain, to road and crit racing.
  • Who is it for: Riders looking for a very light and comfortable all-round road bike for a fantastic price
  • Best at: Mountainous and hilly terrain; long road rides; gran fondos
  • Also great at: Road and crit races
  • Sizes: 49,52,54,56,58
  • Also consider: The even lighter O2 VAM for the ultimate climbing machine, the ViSTA if comfort matters more than speed, or the OSTRO for an aero boost
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The ONE is all about one thing - speed. It’s built around Factor’s iconic and innovative Twin Vane EVO downtube, which boosts both frame stiffness and smooth airflow from the front wheel.

The external fork, likewise, reduces drag and sharpens steering response. If you live to attack, the ONE is for you.

  • What type of riding: Fast paced road rides, races, crits and chain gangs
  • Who is it for:Sprinters, crit racers, and those looking to stand out from the crowd
  • Best at: Crits, sprints, chain gangs, getting attention
  • Also great at: Triathlon with clip-on aero bars
  • Sizes: 46,49,52,54,56,58,61
  • Also consider: The OSTRO for all-round performance
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OSTRO Gravel

Every ride, whatever the surface, faster is what counts, and this is the gravel bike you’ve been waiting for. The OSTRO Gravel takes its ‘win everywhere’ mentality from its road racer stablemate, the OSTRO VAM, and is likewise developed to dominate its category with incredible aero, superior handling, high stiffness and low weight.

With a tire capacity of 45mm, it’s ready to take you everywhere, fast, from rough British roads to forest trails. The bike has been making waves in the US at the prestigious Unbound Gravel and Lifetime series.

  • What type of riding: All-road, gravel and road
  • Who is it for: Riders looking for a fast, aero-optimised gravel bike that can double up as an excellent road bike with a set of 32s
  • Best at: Gravel/dirt
  • Also great at: Road
  • Sizes: 49,52,54,56,58,61
  • Raced by: Dylan Johnson, Adam Roberge
  • Also consider: The LS
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The LS is a gravel race bike – no corners cut, no compromises made, no-holds-barred. If you want to carry a tent and a stove, look elsewhere; if you want to rip up the forest roads, step this way.

The frame delivers the agile handling and sharp power transfer expected by road racers switching to gravel, coupled with clearance for 43mm tyres. Three bottle mounts and a top tube bento mount will get you through an epic day, and the choice of 1x and 2x electronic and mechanical shifting allows you to set it up your way.

  • What type of riding: Gravel racing and riding
  • Who is it for: Gravel riders looking for road race performance with off-road capability…and no gimmicks
  • Best at: Gravel racing and riding
  • Also great at: Winter training
  • Sizes: 49,52,54,56,58
  • Also consider: The ViSTA
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It says a lot that the ViSTA placed first and second at the 2019 Gravel Worlds, but it doesn’t say everything. As hungrily as this bike shreds trails, whether you’re racing or exploring, there’s also a lot more to it.

On fat slicks, it’s a wonderfully comfortable partner for any type of road riding, the tyre capacity backed up by a specific carbon lay-up, kinked seatstays and a special seatpost all dedicated to delivering a smooth ride.

  • What type of riding:Country lanes, forest gravel roads, bridleways, and road riding with comfort as the priority
  • Who is it for:Anyone seeking the ultimate comfort for bad UK back roads without giving up ride quality, ultra-distance die-hards, and gravel grinders
  • Best at: Gravel roads and trails
  • Also great at: Back lanes, long road rides
  • Sizes: 49,52,54,56,58
  • Also consider: The LS for an out and out gravel bike
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The Hanzo is Factor’s new aero weapon and it represents a major leap in performance. The Factor engineering team was the first in the industry to capitalise on revised UCI design regulations, leading to the Hanzo’s ultra-narrow frontal area and extended airfoil profiles which cut the air like a blade.

 The wide-stance fork and seatstays work to significantly reduce drag caused by the forward spinning wheels. The elegant mono-riser cockpit delivers gains on all fronts: it’s more aero, stiffer, easier to adjust and also compatible with leading aftermarket extensions, so your perfect position will be easy to achieve. Of course, ride quality hasn’t been forgotten – the Hanzo is stiff, responsive, light and confidence inspiring. Your PBs are doomed.

  • What type of riding: Time trial racing
  • Who is it for: Time triallists searching for ultimate speed
  • Best at: Time trials
  • Also great at: Ultra-distance races, triathlon
  • Sizes: S,M,L,XL
  • Raced by: Team Israel Premier Tech
  • Also consider: The SLiCK


The SLiCK is designed for race day and total system performance between T1 and T2. Its huge range of adjustment enables you to find your optimum position for power, comfort and aero, so you can ride fast and still feel good on the run.

What’s more, it’s ready to carry what you need without adding drag, thanks to the seat-tube mounted Carbon Stora-Pak for tools, direct-mount toptube bag for nutrition, and between-the-arms bottle mount. The frame is stiff and precise, delivering confident handling that allows you to stay in the extensions more of the time. Of course, the SLiCK also uses all of Factor’s aerodynamics expertise and features the brand’s iconic, unique and wind tunnel proven Twin Vane EVO downtube and Widestance seat stays to guide the airflow, making it searingly quick as well as highly accommodating. It’s like flying first class.

  • What type of riding:Triathlons on flat to rolling courses
  • Who is it for:Triathletes chasing new PBs and wins
  • Best at: Triathlon
  • Also great at: Ultra-distance races
  • Sizes: S,M,L,XL
  • Also consider: HANZO, for pure TT speed; ONE or OSTRO, with clip-on aero bars
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This lightweight full-suspension mountain bike features a modern race-oriented geometry and suspension that works in unison to help you beat your fastest times on your local trails.

  • What type of riding: XC, XC Marathon and fast, extended off-road adventures
  • Who is it for: Racers, gravel crossovers and roadies looking to ride fast off-road
  • Best at: XC and marathon racing
  • Also great at: Long, fast off-road rides
  • Sizes: S,M,L,XL
  • Also consider: The LANDO HT, the hardtail version of the LANDO


This lightweight hardtail mountain bike is made from high-quality materials and offers exceptional stiffness-to-weight in a minimalist package.

  • What type of riding: XC and gravel riding
  • Who is it for: Discerning XC or gravel-oriented riders looking to maximise speed and race times
  • Best at: XC racing
  • Also great at: Fast off-road rides
  • Sizes: S,M,L,XL
  • Also consider: The LANDO XC, the full suspension version of the LANDO

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