29 April 2022 | News

Vires Velo launches state-of-the-art Physiology Studio in Norfolk

New advanced facility opening in May 2022 bringing physiological exercise and performance assessments direct to you

Vires Velo is pleased to announce the opening of their Physiology Studio, a state-of-the-art facility for in-depth physiological assessments. This new studio will give consumers access to a suite of research-grade equipment under the control of a Sports Scientist, the likes of which are usually confined to University labs and health clinics.

Physiology Studio is primarily aimed at cyclists, but is also of value to anyone who wants to better understand their own physiology and how to exercise and train effectively. We believe that everybody, no matter their level, can benefit from an informed approach to training and exercise. We will welcome professional and semi-professional athletes, committed amateurs and complete beginners to visit and use the studio. An individual’s goals determine the output and the assessment protocols that are used.

The unique experience is offered from the Vires Velo Experience Centre in Norfolk in a private studio space, designed to break the mould of traditional lab environments. Our Sports Scientist has a tool kit of advanced medical-grade equipment to conduct assessments and generate actionable reports and takeaways. These include a Spiroergometry system for cardiopulmonary exercise testing, EMG Muscle Activation system, 3 Channel ECG, Bio Electrical Impedance system for body composition, Wattbike Atom X and medical-grade equipment for taking basic resting measures and body measurements.

It is the latest investment from Vires Velo, following the opening of a new idmatch bike fitting system earlier this year. Physiology Studio compliments and completes the offering from Vires Velo which now includes bike fitting and the UK’s only Factor Bikes showroom and test centre. 


Physiology Studio launches with three packages to cater for a wide range of customers. Baseline is the entry level package which gives customers a better understanding of their personal physiology and resting metabolic rates. They will gain an understanding of the optimal exercise intensity for using fat as fuel and the areas of their physiology they should target to achieve their training/fitness goals. Performance is for the committed amateur or racer who will learn everything above but also a deep understanding of training zones based off their own physiology and maximal oxygen uptake (otherwise known as VO₂ max).

A complete Vires Velo Experience Package can also be booked which includes a day at the Experience Centre with a bike fit, physiology testing and the opportunity to test ride a World Tour level Factor race bike. The real focus on all of the packages is the outputs and giving customers actionable insight through one-to-one interactions before and after the sessions.

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